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IB Education in India
2017-02-02 08:36:44

IB or International Baccalaureate educational programs are available for each age group of school going children. It has PYP (Primary Years program) for Kindergarten to V standard, MYP (Middle years program) for classes VI to X and IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) for class XI XII.

IB educational programmes were started in 1968 by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. IBO is an international non-profit organisation and does not associate itself with any country,s political or educational agenda or goals. It is believed to have a curriculum that is more practical and the learning imparted through its syllabus is more application based.

Teachers help the students in guiding them as to how to learn rather than the conventional practice of helping students in what to learn. This way knowledge becomes more important for the IB students rather than speed or memory. Through the exposure to IB curriculum, the majority of students develop many skills. These may include organisation skills, leadership skills, being innovative and preparedness for opportunities as well as managing problems.

More than 3000 schools across the globe are associated with IBO and are offering various IB programmes to nearly 1 million students. IB programmes aim to impart a curriculum that helps in producing global citizens. In India, there are many schools which offer IB programmes. One can try exploring couple of them for their children to appreciate the global curriculum

How to get a good home tutor for your child?
2017-02-02 08:33:10

The majority of parents must have tried getting a home tutor at some stage or other for their kids in Delhi and Gurgaon. The occasions might have been different depending on individual needs. Whether after a not so good parent-teacher meeting at school or just before cycle tests or examinations, the need for a home tutor to supplement the academics of your child must have arisen. Mostly students studying in class V onwards need a home tutor as before class V, one of the parents take the responsibility of helping their own child in studies. But from class V onwards many subjects including math requires that the child is helped and guided at home by someone who is well versed with the ongoing syllabus and learning patterns.

Usually, its the mother who is given the delicate task of hiring a home tutor. The hiring process includes calls made to child,s classmates to find out who is helping them at home. If one is lucky, one good home tutor is available who is teaching one of your acquaintances, kids and is also able to visit your neighbourhood as per the mutually convenient time schedules. However, since the requirements and potentials of each child and family are different, so no tutor can match all. Hence the diligent search for a home tutor who can meet the requirements of your child starts.

Two factors are necessary to be considered before you start searching for a home tutor for your child. First one is the class or standard in which your child is and the second is the current academic performance of your child. If the child is already scoring fairly good marks and hereafter one wants him to prepare for more challenging examinations like Olympiads, PSAT or other similar examinations.

In classes, V VIII majority of students who may need a home tutor are not able to achieve to their academic potential due to lack of basic concepts or basic fundamentals in a particular subject. This is mostly common in math. If a child misses on important concepts like operations on fractions and decimals, calculating percentages, adding or subtracting integers involving plus and minus signs, these problems carry over to the next higher class. In such cases, one needs a home tutor who can identify these areas and can help the child in building strong foundations.

Ask a friend, flip over the pages of local yellow pages classified advertisements or simply Google. Make sure the keywords that you enter in the Google search bar are specific. You can always try to search for two- three additional phrases.