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About Us

Our mission is to help advance performance and aptitude in education for all students by providing fair and valid assessments, study materials and related services. Our products and services measure knowledge and skills, promote learning and performance, and support education and career development.

Who We Are?

Our team comprises of dedicated and experienced teachers and counselors who strive to understand the academic needs of every child to ensure the success of young minds. Our large pool of human resources are fully aware of the academic syllabus and needs of students of IB / IGCSE program.

We eliminate failure by shifting the emphasis from negative to the positive side of learning. We impart tuition programs in a way that helps to break the pattern of the vicious circle of failure. Our tutors give the students the opportunity to discover that achievement is not only possible but, it's Fun! We provide help and guidance for IB / IGCSE program for students in Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business Management, Hindi, Psychology and others all over Gurgaon.

What We Offer?

We offer one on one tutoring. This helps students to maximize their academic potential and achieve excellence. Home Tuition is a better way for students to get their questions and doubts answered in a relaxed, personalized environment at the comfort of their own home. Students can choose their own pace and practice and learn their lessons to meet their specific needs. We offer tutors for All Classes, All Subjects, All levels (University, Pre-University, high school, and primary) and for All Boards ( IGCSE, IB).

We can help you get an expert, result oriented tutor for your child. We have tutors for Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics, Psychology, Business and Management and other subjects for IB / IGCSE curriculum for classes V to X, IBDP( XI, XII) and more.

Reasons to Choose

We have a strict selection process for all tutors.

Our teachers are soft spoken, well mannered and fully trained. They possess bonafide and sound educational background.

Our tutors are regular, punctual and sincere. They show high degree of dedication in providing their services to help students improve academically.

All our teachers are result oriented. They are aware of latest syllabus and trends. They use a variety of techniques, methodologies, and pattern to help students in making them learn the requisite concepts.Our teachers secure the best possible results for your child with maximum number of top grades, A- stars and performance.

We provide expert help for all levels, all subjects starting from school entry to IGCSE, IB, University and beyond. Our Tutors work hand in hand with the parents of their respective students. This helps in success for each child. Regular and periodic interactions keep the parents updated and informed of the progress and performance.

We have been helping IB students throughout the world in writing assignments, projects, thesis etc. We help students in lab work, assignment work, project work and every other support that they need.

How We Work?

We work to reduce stress and build confidence by starting each student at a level that s/he can handle. Once the student gets motivated, our Tutors provide the required impetus to progress them through the grade levels as rapidly as they can. This way we help the students achieve their desired academic goals and aspirations as quickly as possible.

We help all our students with expertise, experience, encouragement and motivation. Our tutors do not provide only "answers," but rather help the students in problem solving. The challenge is to improve upon the self-esteem of each student academically and take on from there to improve their overall academic performance and hence finally improving the grades.