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Expert and result oriented online IB Tutors based in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Delhi - NCR, India are available to help students across the globe to help them prepare for their school’s internal exams or for final IB Diploma examinations. We also provide online tutors for IB MYP and IGCSE (Classes VI – X) examinations in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Business and Management, Economics and other subjects. Students from Singapore, Australia, UK, Dubai, USA can request us to help find them excellent online tutors based in India for SAT and ACT

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Whether you are looking for an expert and experienced tutor for few chapters or for the complete syllabus, we help you to connect with one of the best online IB tutors based in Gurgaon, Delhi - NCR, India. We provide help in the following subjects:

Math HL

Math SL

Math Studies

Physics HL

Physics SL

Economics HL

Economics SL

Business and Management HL

Business and Management SL

Theory of Knowledge – IB TOK

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IB Internals – IB IA online help for all subjects

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Parents and Students of leading international schools studying in Singapore, Australia, UK, Dubai, USA contact us for the requirement of online IB tutors based in India for various reasons. If the student’s performance or grades are going down in a particular subject or in cases where any particular topic has been missed due to one reason or the other, or the student is aiming for a perfect 7, then we are the right persons to help you get access to an expert online IB tutor. We also provide online tutors for IB MYP and IGCSE (Classes VI – X) examinations in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Business and Management, Economics and other subjects.

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You can contact us for a free online trial class. You will yourself see the quality of the online tuition provided by our expert online tuition teachers. Our payment plans are also flexible. We do not demand any advance payments. Payments can be directly made to the tutors after completion of every class or after completion of every 5 or 10 online classes. Our online tutors can help you to have an exact schedule of the payments.

Our fees and charges are moderate and you will find them reasonable. You need to pay only for the 1 on 1 online classes. Other resources like customised and topic wise assignments, revision questions, mock tests, study notes are given complimentary and free of cost to every registered student who avails online classes with our tutors.

There are no long-term contracts. You can avail as many or as few online classes as per your requirements. You may take our online classes till the time you may need it or you may want to.

You will find all our online tutors to be punctual, sincere and result oriented. All our online tutors are well spoken in English with a global accent and good communication skills. They will help every student to understand and master every topic that they explain. Following are some of the details that may help you understand the efficiency and quality of our online tutors:

Math SL – Complete syllabus – 32 hours

Trigonometry (IB MYP) – 6 hours

IGCSE Algebra – 5 Hours

The above schedule is only indicative. But for the majority of students who contact us complete their syllabus in as many hours as indicated above. Each student is provided with assignments and revision questions based on the topic taught after every class. This helps them to reinforce the concepts learned and grades in exams improve.

Set up a free online trial class of 1-hour duration by writing to us at info@gurgaonsupertutors.com or Call +91 9999 70 63 07