Maths Home tutors in Sohna Road Gurgaon

Do you provide home tutors?

We have a pool of best tuition teachers in Gurgaon for different curriculum including IB / IGCSE / ICSE / CBSE. Our tutors are so good that performance start coming within 2-3 weeks of starting the tuition in respective subjects. The student surprises his/her school teacher as the concepts are well explained to them by the home tutor.

We are already tutoring students who live in Tatvam Villas, Vatika City, Nirvana Country, South City-II, Vipul Greens, Eldeco Manzions and other residential colonies. All our tutors are experienced, result oriented, punctual, sincere and well-mannered.

What factors do I consider before selecting a home tutor for my child?

Parents need to consider various factors before selecting a tutor for their child. Few of the essential factors include experience, expertise in building strong fundamentals and base, compatibility with the student among others. A quality tutor will give you a study plan for the respective subject. The study plan can be divided in the schedules for learning basic concepts, problem-solving, practice and revision. This way parents can monitor the performance and progress of their child as per the study plan. A good tutor will always demonstrate commitment and will do that extra effort.

Do you provide home tuition?

Yes, we travel to your home as per the schedule as settled between you and the tutor.

What will be the frequency of tutor visits?

Parents and students can plan the frequency of visits based on their needs which is usually 2-3 times a week to be intensified during examination days.

Math can be fun. All our maths tuition teachers in Gurgaon are well versed with the requirements, syllabus, and pattern of the questions and contents for the subject. Each lesson is planned at the each student specific level and as the student attains efficiency in the related topic next topic is chosen. This maximizes the efforts of everyone.