IB / IGCSE Chemistry Home Tutors in Gurgaon

My child is having problems in Chemistry. He is in class X, IGCSE Board. Can you help?

Yes, we have Chemistry home tutors available. Many Chemistry tutors are registered with us. Many students face problems in Class IX and X as their basics and fundamentals in Chemistry are not clear. Our Chemistry home tutors in Gurgaon help students to build up their foundations and basics within 4-5 weeks and thus achieve better grades in their IGCSE or IB MYP Examinations.

What is the approach of your tutors in helping a student with his/her Chemistry syllabus?

Our tutors help the students in various topics of Chemistry. Our home tutors help them in making a strong base in various topics including Metals, Reactivity series of Metals, Writing Chemical formulae, writing chemical equations and balancing them. Students start learning, recalling and recognizing different types of reactions like decomposition reaction, neutralization, and displacement reaction, Redox reactions etc..

Our tutors help students to understand the role of electrons in oxidation and reduction reactions. Chemistry numerical involving exothermic and endothermic reactions and mole concept are taught and explained to the students within the first two weeks of the tutoring lessons in Chemistry. All this is followed every day with topic wise worksheets and exam style questions. All this helps the students to improve their grades in Chemistry.