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Expert Home Tutors in Gurgaon

Home tutors play very important role in cases where your child has missed out certain topics or concepts in previous classes due to one reason or another. Every child has certain strengths or weaknesses. Your child may be doing very well in English or History but may have difficulties in solving math problems. Many a time, the school teachers may not be aware of the problems of each individual student as they are focusing on the entire class. Due to lack of individual attention, your child’s problems may not get addressed as the child is unable to express the real academic problem to the parents or the teachers. All this may result to poor and unsatisfactory academic performance. There are many students in Aralias, Magnolias, Pinnacle, Icon, DLF - V, Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, Palam Vihar, Golf Course Road, Sector 14, 15, 30, 31, 48, 47, Sushant Lok 1, 2 and other areas who have opted for individual and one to one tuition teachers at the comfort of their home.

All tutors at Gurgaon-super-tutors are experts in breaking this vicious cycle of academic failures by identifying the academic problems that your child may be experiencing in the respective subject at school. Students feel more comfortable in learning difficult concepts at the comfort of their home where parents can monitor an everyday performance of their child on a regular basis. All our tuition teachers start the session by explaining all the basic concepts that are involved in that particular topic and follow it by explaining and solving different types of problems. After this stage they allow the student to solve similar problems and guide them whenever they find any fumble in solving such concepts. The last stage involves, allowing the child to solve problems independently in front of tuition teachers or are left as self-do assignments and worksheets. These assignments and worksheets are thoroughly checked and evaluated to assess any shortcoming that the child may still have. This way student builds strong fundamentals and basic concepts in the related unit.

Avail Services of a Result-Oriented Home Tutor for your child

There is no doubt that you are providing a world-class education to your child and the school is instrumental in bringing the overall development in your child. Sometimes, the School teachers may not be able to give one-to-one attention to your child due to many reasons. The teaching method adopted by the school teacher is based on the level of the entire class and customizing it to each student is not practical or possible.

A tutor can do just what is not possible at school. All our tuition teachers are experts in their respective subjects and have a long experience in tutoring individual students. We provide tutoring services at your home to guide and help your child in studies and build basic concepts and problem-solving.

Select the right home Tutor

Selecting a right tutor is very important. Sometimes, students or other youngsters who are looking for a part-time job become tutors. They may lack the expertise or the skills needed to help the child in academics. In such cases, such part-timers only repeat what has been taught in school through the class notebooks or textbooks. They are not fully aware of the curriculum or the type of questions that the student should practice. They may lack the academic vision that is very important and crucial in helping a child in studies.

In contrast, our tuition teachers have a long experience in tutoring. All the basic concepts are taught by our tutors without the help of the textbook or the class notes. Only after 2-3 sessions, they are referred to for revision purposes. We have helped hundreds of parents in choosing the right home tutor and in majority of cases the student has benefited and has improved academically in the same academic year itself.

Subject Specialist Home Tutors

Tutoring services are available for various subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Business Studies, Economics, Environmental Sciences (EVM & EVSS) and other subjects. We have specialized and expert tuition teachers for IGCSE / IB / ICSE and CBSE. Our tutors are already teaching many students who are from Pathways World School, GD Goenka, Shri Ram, Scottish High, Lancers International, DPS International and all other leading schools in Gurgaon.

We provide you with the best of the best, based on the subject and grade level in Gurgaon. We cover various areas in DLF, Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Sushant Lok, Sector 30, 31, 47,48, 55,56,57, DLF Golf Course Road, Palam Vihar, Sohna Road and other areas of Gurgaon. Parents can have their choice as to their tutor and convenient schedule. Parents can directly select the tutor who will work best with their child and can arrange the tutoring schedule. This gives the parents to speak with the tutor and make their needs clear to them.

We provide quality services throughout Gurgaon. All our tutors have high ethical standards and are well knowledgeable in their respective subjects. They are experienced and result oriented.

Free Resources, Worksheets, Exam Style Questions for Practtice and Video Tutorials

    The unit of speed is ___________.

    To find speed, we need to know only time. (True / False).

    If you need to cover more distance in the same time, you will _____________the speed.

    50% of 90km / hr is _____________?

    Speed = 20km/hr, D = 20km, Time = ____________

    Speed = 40km/hr, D = 10km, Time = ____________

    If you take 15 minutes to reach home by bus at an average speed 40km/hr, your house is __________km away from the school. Your friend stays 30km away, she will reach in _________minutes.

    A train covers 400km in 4 hours. Its speed = _____________

    My mother bought 20m of cloth, out of which she used up 2.5 m. What percent of cloth is left with her?

    A man earns Rs 20,000 a month. He saves 25% of his income and spends the rest. Find the amount that he saves and the amount that he spends.

    The selling price of a pen is Rs.25 and its cost price is Rs.20. Find profit% or loss%.

    What percent is 50cm of 5m?

    20 paise is __________% of a rupee.

    35% as a fraction of whole? = ____________

    Find 12 % of Rs.400.

    A bag requires 5m of cloth. How many bags can be made out of 65m of cloth?

    State True or False in each of the following:

    A triangle is a polygon. _____________

    The sum of 3 angles of a triangle is 180 Degrees. _____________

    There are always 2 acute angles in a right triangle. _____________

    A triangle has two vertices. _____________

    The diagonal of a rectangle divides it into two right angled triangles. _____________

    Every rhombus is a square. _____________

    The diagonals of a rhombus are equal. _____________

    All diameters of a circle are equal. _____________

    What are the two advantages of using renewable sources of energy?

    Give two uses of the solar energy in our day-to-day life?

    Where is petroleum found? What is it’s use?

    How do sand dunes change their position?

    How is an oasis formed?

    Why the camel is called the ship of the desert?

    Why are the days hot but nights cooler in the desert?

    Name any any three trees that are found in deserts.

We have a number of worksheets and study modules for different areas including quick calculation tricks, Creative writing, Removing silly mistakes, Fractions, Decimals, Novel reading, Building vocabulary, Self Study techniques, Word problems, Writing correct spellings, Comprehension and composition, Geometry, Percentages, Integers, Making notes, Making a Study Plan, Concentrating in the Class, Time Management, Innovative Thinking, Self Study Habits, Physics Numerical, Balancing and writing Chemical Equations, Geography map Work and lot more. We have helped hundreds of students in mastering these areas.

For more customized resources that our home tutors can provide to your child on a weekly / daily basis, write to us with subject in email as worksheets at OR Call (+91) 9999706307 (24 x 7)