Complete revision of full syllabus of IB Math(HL/SL), IB - MYP, IGCSE, ICSE Math for Classes V to VIII, IX, X, XI and XII within 6 weeks

We have expert math tutors who can help your child in revising the full math syllabus within 6 weeks. Whether your child is studying in IB, IGCSE or ICSE board, we will coordinate to get a home tutor in Gurgaon for completing the full syllabus within 6 - 12 weeks. Whatever may be the occasion, whether the exams are coming and the child is unable to perform well in school tests or mock tests, our home tutors can help your child. Many students want to complete their syllabus before the commencement of their academic session or during the summer and winter holidays. Our home tutors are fully versed with the exam style questions. It usually takes 2-3 hours for our tutors in helping the students to finish the entire one unit (containing 7-8 exercises). Most of the students have 15-20 units to complete for the final exams. This way the entire syllabus is covered within 40-60 hours.

These academic sessions include not only a thorough practice of almost all types of questions given in the textbook but also a practice of additional exam-style questions. Irrespective of the past performance of the student, our tutors ensure good performance in the final examination. At the end of 30-35 hours, our tutors start giving mock tests which are similar to the examination pattern and the child is able to perform well in these mock tests and thus their confidence level starts moving up. Within the first 5-10 hours only we help the student to finish the most complicated and lengthy units.

For XII class, in IB Math (HL/SL) for example, our tutors make sure that units like Calculus, Trigonometry and Sequences are finished within the first 10 hours itself. After completing each unit, the child is given any ten questions on that unit from past exam papers to see if the child is able to solve them correctly or not. This way our students surprise their parents and teachers about their academic learning in math.

Many students also approach us before the start of the academic year to finish many of the important units so that they can keep on revising these units during the rest of the year with full confidence. Whether the academic session is on and you might have missed on few units in your school and you want to be at par with other students in the class or exams are overhead or any other reason you may avail our services. This fast paced revision is only for math subject and students of classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII may opt for it. We have helped several students in Gurgaon and Delhi who are from Pathways World School, British School, GD Goenka World School, Scottish High, Shri Ram School, Lancers International, Woodstock, UWC Singapore and others.